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Welcome to my world of stories. Come in, look around, and stay awhile. 


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BBB Publishings Anthologies

Hearts of Steel.
Finding Home
R.M. Walker

Frankie is a free spirit who will never settle down. She drifts from town to town in her camper van 'Dotty' and is happy with her life.

She's used to loving and leaving.

But when Hunter and Cooper, two bikers from the Crusaders of Chaos MC, give her a helping hand she finds herself at odds.

Love and leave them has always been her way and they'll be no different.

Except moving on hurts this time. Something that hasn't happened before. And when she meets Ben in the next town she doesn't understand why these three men make her feel things she wasn't expecting.

But when she discovers someone has been stealing from Ben's father, she's in more danger than she knows.

Will she find her home? Or will she lose everything, including her life?

Release Date: 31st July 2021




R.M. Walker


Ned and Pip were inseparable for years. Until an almost accident, a betrayal, and a lie severed the link.

Ten years later and Pip is reluctantly back in town. With no intentions of seeing Ned again.

Until her cousins get kidnapped and Ned is the only one she knows that will know what to do.

Ned doesn't hide his contempt for Pip, but he's not above using her. So Ned agrees to help her.

For a price.

Pip has no choice but to accept. Even when Ned's asking price is Pip herself. And revenge is all he has in mind.

Will the price be too high for Pip to pay?

Especially when her heart still belongs to Ned, and always will.

But who has the cousins? And can they find them before it's too late?

And what will be left of Pip once Ned exacts his revenge?

Release Date: 5th August 2021


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