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I have a short story in this Anthology called The Fabricated Fiancè.
Alice has three days to find a fake fiancè. One who worships her.
In a moment of anger, Alice tells the biggest lie of her life and has no idea how to correct it.
When her gay boss, Beck, comes to her rescue, suggesting he can play the lead role, Alice is relieved and thankful.
But Alice has another problem. She's in love with Beck but has always managed to hide it.
Facing her toxic family is no longer her biggest worry.
Especially when Beck is determined to play the part to its best.
After all, as Beck says, 'everyone knows gays are awesome.'
Can she keep her secret from him, and her job in the process?
Or will she frighten the life out of him by throwing herself at him?
​Only time will tell...

Here's a sneek peek from my story: The Fabricated Fiancé

My time was up.

The game was over.

“You’d better take this back before I steal it.” I let go of his hand and wiggled my ring finger.

“You can steal it. I don’t have any use for it. Too small.” He moved back, breaking contact with me.

I slid the ring free. It was so final, and I fought the tears creeping up my throat.

“You can take it back, can’t you? To the jewellers? Tell them it was a mistake and ask for your money back.”

“I can’t do that.” He got up from the bed and removed his tie, his back to me.

“They should understand.” I turned the ring in the light, admiring the play of fire from the diamond. “It really is beautiful.”

“Keep it.”

“I can’t. It must have cost a fortune.”

“I don’t need the money back.” He turned, pulling his shirt free from the black trousers.

“Put it into your pension.” I sat up, holding it out to him.

He sat next to me and took the ring. “So, is this it? Have we officially broken up now?”

“I guess so.” I wasn’t ready for the desolation to swamp me. My throat closed over and tears pricked my eyes. It was ridiculous, we weren’t even engaged. There was nothing to break up. But it didn’t stop me from wanting to snatch the ring back and tell him he was stuck with me.