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The second book in the Freedom Series follows Matty, Eli, Nico, Sim, and Cain's search to discover the truth.

Life is simple, safe, and predictable in Eastside, Temperance.

It's how it's been for generations, right back to the Virus that wiped out the rest of mankind.

The gods had chosen Owen Toll to build Temperance to keep himself and his followers safe.

Decades later, Martha Farrier is grateful. She really is. It's just that no matter how hard she tries, she can't measure up to the standards set before all females.

She's told Eli, Nico, and Sim that she'll be a terrible wife. But they don't care, because they're going to make terrible husbands.

In fact, until Eli is released from Solitary for beating up another man, they can't get married anyway.

But when Eli is released, he brings with him questions they can't answer.

Faced with a possibility that maybe the truth isn't the truth after all, what will they do?

And when Dissonance comes into play will it split them up?

Or will they band together to discover just what truth really is?

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“If no one survived outside the wall, who are the guards in the watchtowers protecting us from?”


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