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Short Stories and Novellas

These short stories and Novellas are stories from various anthologies now out of print. Some are free in KU and some are free to download. 


Kelly left her dark childhood behind seven years ago with no intention of returning.

But when her aunt dies she has no choice. 

Alone in a run-down Victorian Gothic house, Kelly can no longer hide from her past. When noises and strange occurrences start is Kelly going mad? Or is her past closer than she thinks?

With Jeb, Graeme, 

Available Soon

Gold & Frost

Garbhan the leprechaun has brought Maebh up as his own daughter since finding her in the forest as a baby.
When the leprechaun King Ludwhomp III discovers Garbhan's rainbows are much brighter than his own he believes that Maebh, now a young woman, is a lucky charm for Garbhan.

Garbhan refuses to hand Maebh over to the king.

When Garbhan is kidnapped by the king it falls to Maebh to rescue him.

When Jack Frost insists on helping her, Maebh finds her allergies caused by Jack are getting worse.
Can Jack help Maebh rescue Garbhan?
And will Maebh work out why she's so allergic to Jack?

Saving Parker


One afternoon was all it took to change Lowen Penhallow's life forever.

Lowena and Parker met when they were ten. An unlikely friendship grew into a love that stole Lowena's heart. She'd belong to Parker until she died.

At seventeen they were blissfully happy and on the cusp of starting a new life together. But nothing warned Lowena for the heartbreak to come.

For when Lowena saved Parker's life he forgot everything about her.

Ten years passed and Lowena was settled in her job and her life.

Until Parker returned to Penarth.

Could she see him every day knowing their past?

And when he wanted time to try again, could she help him and still protect what was left of her heart?


The Seven-Shoed Spider

Written for the Charity anthology for Project Semicolon.

When Matt receives a text from Lily showing only three emojis he and the others have to decode it. A silly conversation ensues.

For the anthology we were given three emojis, mine was a man's boot, the number 7 in a box, and a spider. This short is the result.

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