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Deceptive Secrets

Book 3 in The Seer Series


Lily's world has been rocked. Lies, betrayal, and the revelation of her magic have left her floundering.
But she knows she can trust Matt, Nate, Josh, and Jake. They promised to support her, but their suspicions of Drew continue to grow, despite his apologies and explanations. 
However, the more she talks with Drew, the more she suspects that Jonas isn't what he seems either. Unsure of them both, she tells the boys her doubts, but their refusal to listen brings tension to the group.
Tension increases when jealousy explodes into their budding relationship. And when family members discover the truth behind their relationship they're met with a hostility that could tear them apart.
With difficulties at every turn will Lily and her boys be able to keep their circle strong and discover the truth behind the deceptive secrets?

This is the third book in The Seer Series, A Reverse Harem Romance. 

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