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Book 2 in The Seer Series


Lily's world changes when she befriends four boys after moving to the small Cornish village of Trenance.
She's able to accept that they are fairies (or fae as Nate will insist) but she refuses to accept what they say she is.
Lily is not a Seer. She isn't magical and she isn't like them. No matter what they think.
But Lily will have to face things that will shake her foundation to the core.
Lies, betrayal, and fear.
But she's not alone: Nate, Matt, Josh and Jake, are beside her now, and they won't let her face this alone.
The only problem with that is that Lily is starting to fall for all them.

Denial is the second book in Lily's story. 
This is a Reverse Harem paranormal romance.

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